King size memory foam mattress Cutting Memory Foam to fit a Kid's Bunk Bed

King size memory foam mattress Cutting Memory Foam to fit a Kid's Bunk Bed

King size memory foam mattress

Are you someone who has recently bought a foam mattress for your child's bed? A foam topper can match any size mattress you care to name, but king size memory foam mattress foammattressguide if you have a bed made of memory foam, you will find that the sizing can be fairly difficult. If you want your child to have the benefits of sleeping on a secure surface that will cradle them securely and help them get a better quality of sleep, you will find that a memory foam mattress is something that they are going to love. However, what happens if you purchase them a memory foam mattress but king size memory foam mattress it simply will not match? This is a problem that can occur in many cases, and learning to deal with it is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Memory foam mattresses come in very standard sizes, but if you are dealing with a kid's bunk bed or some other specialty bed, they can be a little large. If the bed is too large to squeeze into the frame, or if you can squeeze it in but you are worried that it is going to pop out, you are going to need to cut it down. The problem with a foam mattress that does not match the frame is that it can slide out when your child is getting in, and this is something that can lead to some injury.

When you are looking to cut down your kid's memory foam mattress, start by deciding how big the mattress needs to be. A mattress that is too big king size memory foam mattress is an issue, but so is a mattress that is too small! Figure out how much you need to cut off and then delineate the cut lines with a permanent black marker. Some people create at template from the old mattress and trace it directly onto the memory foam itself. When you go to cut the memory foam itself, you will find that an electric knife is a good tool to you use. You will find that this knife will ensure a clean cut and a good edge to the mattress itself. Remember that when you are using the knife that you should not force the knife through the foam. Allow the knife itself to do the work for you; this ensures a clean edge to your mattress.

If you have a few sawhorses and some plywood, you can create a work table for this project fairly easily. Lay the foam mattress on the board and hang the edge that needs to be removed over the end of your work area. This gives you good leverage when it comes to looking into what to cut. Remember that you should cut slowly; not only will this give you more control over the knife, but it will allow you to operate it more safely.

Once you have cut the mattress down to size, you can brush off any sediment that has occurred and then install it into your child's bed right away. Take some time and make sure that you consider how much better you will feel once your child has a mattress that really fits their bed.